Double skin facade

Double skin facade

Double skin facade is generally defined as a facade in which airstream is found out between its skins. However, materials and performance of the first and the second skin should be integrated forming a double skin facade.
The first skin could be any wall type. However, in Iran what is known as the first skin is a glass facade.
This facade could be seen as a set of windows located inside a wall or a glass curtain wall. For the purpose of making the second wall, light materials such as metals with low thickness should be used so that their resistance and stability don’t reduce while applying high pressure, as the second skin weight will be eventually applied on the building’s skeleton.

Double Skin facade characteristics

  • Double skin facade is formed based on multi-layer principles. These types of facades consist of an exterior facade, an intermediate space and an interior facade. The inner layers of facade should be painted or covered with other coverage before the bedding operation.
  • The facade of the second skin could be produced of various types of sheets such as metal, cement board or etc. Following the design on raw sheets using CNC cutting or implemented water-jet as well as bedding, the second skin is installed using different methods. The installation methods are different depending on the material of the cut facade.
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