Dampa dropped ceiling

Dampa ceiling

Dampa is produced un different widths being famous for 10 and 20 centimeters. The length of produced Dampa (10) aluminum dropped ceiling is maximum 6 and Dampa20 is 4 meters.

Dampa linear dropped ceiling

Linear dropped ceilings is produced by rolling an aluminum sheet with the thickness of 0.5 mm using a Roll-form device. In punched types, the back of the band is covered by wads preventing from the penetration of air into the dropped ceiling.

Types of Dampa

Simple Dampa

Type O (simple)

Punched Dampa

Type N2
Type N1

Dampa with pattern

Type N1 with pattern

Characteristics of Dampa

  • Dampa panel material

    Aluminum sheet with the thickness of 0.5 mm

  • Dampa color coverage

    Full automatic electrostatic powder color with the thickness of 60 to 80 Microns according to European Ral Standard based on customer’s preference

  • Dampa separation seam

    Closed seam with the width of 20 mm

  • Dampa Acoustic insulator

    Black wads (Standard)
    Other choices are available, if requested.

  • Dampa standard dimensions

    Width 100mm , length up to 6000 mm
    Width 200mm, length up to 4000 mm

  • Dampa System

    Galvanized Longitudinal constructs with belt and thread pendant system

  • Dampa capabilities

    Compoundable with other dropped-ceilings 
    Compatible with modular lighting

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