luxalon linear false ceiling

luxalon is considered as a aluminum dropped-ceiling produced with the width of 84 mm. luxalon is a linear Aluminum dropped-ceiling capable of being executed by welt, on top (exposed welt) or bottom (hidden welt).
The weight of ceiling is approximately 4.2 kg per square meter and the maximum length of luxalon is 6 meters.

luxalon with welt

luxalon without welt

luxalon dropped-ceiling is considered as a linear dropped-ceiling installed generally whether with or without welt.

Types of luxalon linear dropped-ceiling

Simple luxalon

Type0 (simple)

Punched luxalon

Type N2

luxalon with pattern

Type N1

luxalon characteristics

  • luxalon material

    Aluminum sheet with the thickness of 0.5 mm

  • luxalon color coverage

    Full automatic electrostatic powder color with the thickness of 60 to 80 Microns according to European Ral standard based on customer’s preference.

  • luxalon separation seam

    16mm empty
    Reverse welt
    Exposed welt

  • luxalon Acoustic insulator

    Black wads (Standard)
    Other choices are available, if requested.

  • luxalon standard dimensions

    Width 100mm , length up to 6000 mm
    Width 200mm, length up to 4000 mm

  • luxalon System

    Galvanized Longitudinal constructs with belt and thread pendant system

  • luxalon capabilities

    Compoundable with other dropped-ceilings
    Compatible with modular lighting

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