HOOK-On tile

HOOK-On dropped-ceiling

Hook-On metal dropped-ceiling creates an integrated and beautiful system in which hidden Hook-On system is used. Similar to other panels, this one could be easily separated and designed in various colors, patterns and dimensions.

Hook-On ceilings for corridor

Hook-On tile is convenient for using in corridors and saloons existed in different dimensions and functions. Corridor panels are well compatible with Hook-On panels and could be easily separated. Moreover, these panels could be used in rooms with various dimensions. Therefore, it prevents from wasting materials.

Hook-On dropped-ceiling characteristics

  • Hook-on tile thickness

    0.5 to 1.0 mm
    Edge: deep edge (4 mm), sharp edge (Standard)

  • Standard dimensions

    Width: 200 mm and 1200 mm
    Length: 200 mm and 3000 mm

  • Hook-On tile coverage color

    For example, RAL 9016, RAL 9010, RAL 9006 are available. Other colors are available based on customer’s request. It is also possible to use anti-bacterial color. 

  • Hook-on tile wooden design

    If requested, it is possible to design wooden panels.

  • Punch tile Hook-on

    In standard dimensions 2,5 / 1.8 / 1.5/ 0.7/ 8.8 / 16/ 7/ 4.5 / 3

  • Acoustic Hook-on tile

    NRC acoustic
    Interior acoustic: acoustics, sealing with polyester fiber and mineral wool

  • Hook-On tile insulator

    Resistant against firing (A2-s1,d0)

  • Hook-on tile technical standards

    These panels are directly formed by Clip-in system or standard suspension system and according to the most recent US and European standards as well ISO 9001. 

  • Hook-On tile capabilities

    Panels could be equipped with coverage

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