Laser cutting services

CNC cutting laser

Laser cutting services is considered as a thermal procedure to process the metal sheets. Laser beam is created by laser source ( resonator) and guided by either carrying fibers or mirror embedded on top of the laser. Using these mirrors and their lens, it is possible to focus with high strength and low diameter. This concentrated beam leads to melt the metal sheets.

Laser cutting is versatile. It can also process pipes and profiles as well as smooth materials. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum are initially cut. Moreover, the thickness of processed metal sheets within laser cutting services varies between 0.8 and 30 mm.

 Bystar laser; a versatile laser with the capability of process pipe and profile.

CO2 cutting laser services

In this laser cutting service, a laser beam is created by gas mixes. The high voltage required for resonator is created using semi-conductor modules. As these modules are smaller, more effective and reliable than the previous models, they are used in Bystar devices. CO2 laser-cutting technology is proper to process materials having various thicknesses.

Laser-cutting device advantages

  • device work domain

    It can process metal sheets, pipe and profile.
  • device speed

    Even 4*2 metal sheets could be fast processes.
  • clear view

    A clear view of all the steps, even the cutting process exists.
  • high strength

    The high strength of laser-cutting is cost-effective for the purpose of processing the thick sheets.

Laser-cutting device characteristics

Sheet’s partial dimension: 3000.1500 mm
Maximum velocity of simultaneous fixing of position: 113 m/min
Limiting the circle’s diameter of circulating axes: 15-315 mm

Technical characteristics of laser-cutting device

Length: 12900 mm
width: 6100 mm
height: 2070 mm
Sheet dimensions limit: X= 3000mm , Y=1500mm
Cutting area: X=3048 mm , Y=1524 mm . Z= 170 mm
Maximum velocity of fixing the parallel axes position: 80 m / min
Maximum velocity of simultaneous position fixing: 113 m/min
Maximum accelerations of axe: 4.5 m/s 2
Position fixing accuracy: +- 0.1 mm
Repeatability: +- 0.05 mm
Edge retrieval accuracy: +- 0.5 mm
Maximum weight of workplace: 890 kg
Device weight: 13500 kg
Base: normal, boosted industrial base based on final map
cutting vertex: 5 and 7.5
Cutting gas consumption: Depending on the material
Performance with panel: 15 inch touch monitor, manual keyboard and control unit
motor performance: DVD-RW, USB 2.0
Network connection: RJ45 100/10 Megabit / Sec

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