Powder color

Electrostatic powder color

Electrostatic powder color is extensively used in today’s industry, due to its solvability and high resistance and stability. Low amount of wastes during production phase and consumption process, being devoid of heavy metals and lack of toxicity are among the remarkable reasons for which this product is considered as environment-friendly leading to promote significantly electrostatic powder color. In addition to environmental advantages of powder colors, their technical pros provoke a considerable tendency towards this color within industry.

Robotic electrostatic powder color

Electrostatic powder color

  • Variations

    Nowadays there is a wide range of electrostatic powder color for special surface with specific characteristics. As such all the consumers’ needs such as resistance against corrosion, proper edge-covering, surface homogeneity, gloss and etc are provided.
  • Thickness

    Color has homogenous thickness all over the component and there won’t be any dripping on the product.
  • lifetime

    These types of colors have longer lifetime comparing to liquid colors against physical and chemical changes.
  • resistance

    It has high physical resistance and components could be pressed following the painting.
LKZ Company intends to provide proper facilities by providing electrostatic powder color spraying system and understating project designers, engineers and contractors needs, so that it can fulfill part of Iran’s construction requirements.

GEMA full automatic electrostatic powder color

LKZ Company intends to buy electrostatic powder color full automatic device (Robotic) from GEMA company (Switzerland) ( Paramount manufacturer of electrostatic powder color systems). Using electrostatic powder color spraying system, it is possible to offer all aluminum sections in various color ranges. The colored sections using electrostatic powder color spraying system has adjustability with the building’s color, resistance against rusting, similar thickness throughout the work, anti firing and resistance against climate conditions as well as beauty and strength.

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