• CNC cutting laser

    Laser cutting services is considered as a thermal procedure to process the metal sheets.

  • Powder color

    Electrostatic powder color is extensively used in today’s industry, due to its solvability and high resistance and stability.

  • LKZ Projects

    False ceiling of shahr farsh project

  • False ceiling

    ropped ceilings are increasingly interested by manufacturers and other individuals.

Lambeh Karan Zarrin

In addition to taking advantage of a complex of plating, powder color, CNC punch, laser cutting device and European bending jaw, Lambeh Karan Zarrin Company announces its readiness to offer the mentioned services to colleagues and component-producers. It is hoped that this Company could provide valuable activities for our dear accompanies in the future.

Lambeh Karan Zarrin

Metal false ceiling

Metal tiles

Metal ceiling


Design and production using the modern technology as well as novel services in the field of industry, are among the important achievements of Lambeh Karan Zarrin Complex.
On this basis, dropped-ceilings and buildings’ façade are two of its products.
For more information regarding each category, please observe the relevant information or contact with the Lambeh Karan Zarrin Company’s experts.

  • Beauty

  • Fast implementation
  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • Novel Design

  • Functionality

  • Accurate implementation

Lambeh Karan Zarrin’s services

As Lambeh Karan Zarrin complex uses industrial equipment and modern technology in its production structure, besides using tools and equipment for its own production, it could provide specific services for other groups relying on novel management. These services can be performed in certain groups and an absolutely professional structure. In order to get acquainted with services, enter related parts.
  • Robotic electrostatic powder color

    Electrostatic powder color is used extensively in today’s industry, due to lack of solvent, low pollution and high resistance and stability.
  • CNC Punch

    CNC punch is considered as the process of metal perforation in which force is applied using a tool called punch press so that it creates certain holes with different sizes and shapes on components.
  • Bending

    Bending is a method for shaping the metal plates which is done following the cutting process.
  • CNC laser cutting

    Laser cutting is defined as a thermal laser cutting process for the purpose of processing the metal plates. Laser beam is created by laser source (resonator).

Dropped ceiling projects

  • University faculty member project

    Louver Aluminum dropped ceiling: Dimensions: 250 X 950 mm
  • Alaaedin commercial center project

    Building’s glass facade

  • Shargh disease center project

    Louver Aluminum dropped ceiling
    Dimensions: 250. 950 mm

  • Andisheh commercial center Project

    Composite exteriorfacade

  • Mr.Zangeneh’s Project

    Linear dropped ceiling

  • Isfahan Kowsar Hotel project

    Double-skin façade system

Lambeh Karan Zarin

Lambeh Karan Zarrin Company announces its readiness to offer the mentioned services to colleagues and component-producers.

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